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Originally Posted by M_D View Post
SO yeah my main laptop i use has completly crapped out on me. I cant even log in under safe mode to have my windows return to a previous saved session. All it does when i turn it on regularly or in safe mode is go to a black screen with the mouse icon that i can move around, screen saver still works too lol. They have windows vista installed on it.

anybody got any suggestions
Could be a hardware issue. Like your graphics chip could have died. More likely though, it is a software issue or some kind of corruption.

Do you have a recovery disk? Vista itself is by far the worst Operating System ever created. I recommend, if you don't have a recovery disk, to pick up an OEM version of Windows XP or 7. Then do a complete reformat. Of course you will be losing all of your data. Hopefully you have it backed up. I generally reformat several times per year, but all my stuff is on a backup hard drive or on the cloud somewhere.

Before you spend the money on a new OS, look hard for that recovery disk. You can reformat with it as well, but they will still put a lot of useless crap on your PC. At least this way you can find out if it is a Hardware issue. Because if it is a hardware issue a new OS will do you no good. You just have to troubleshoot all the possibilities until you find the issue.
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