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Good call coming here, the guys and gals on this forum give out amazingly sound advice for personal problems, like a big family that's got each others backs.

It's a tricky one indeed. If you think you are both strong and mature enough to meet up and stop things getting complicated (too emotionally attached, boning etc) then like Liza says tread caution. It's pretty rare to find people who professed love for one another to not get caught in the same cycles over and over though.

Personal and similar story, I split with my girl two months ago. We were on and off for a year and a half and would split then say "we will always be best friends though" but I think everyone knows where that went. I'd say, from this personal experience, adopt the attitude "exes are exes for a reason" (I learned the hard way) for when I went through the latest, most heart wrenching (and final) split with my burd my sister's words of advice were "you'll never have space for the right one if you are still tied to the wrong one" which I thought was pretty sound advice (albeit kinda girly). I still love my ex but as hard as it is just can't rationalise having her in my life anymore, all ties were very recently cut.

Hope everything works out well my man.
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