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This Gilbert guy really hasn't impressed me

I have been hearing up and down, left and right, back and forth that GM is the Best 155 on the planet.
Am I the only one that just doesn't see it?

If he is the best, where does that put Josh Thompson, who in my view totally won that fight.

I am starting to think the 10 Point must system doesn't belong in MMA. It just doesn't accurately reflect who really wins these fights.
Anyone can argue that at the end of each round, this guy or that guy won the last 5 minutes of fighting, and then we start over. But taken as a whole, there is no way GM won that fight, no way in hell. It's time for MMA to score fights as a whole and not by round, for example, the rounds that JT won, where won in a far superior fashion to the ones GM won, that 4th round for Thompson was worth at least 2 of the Rounds that GM won, but the judges can't do that. It's so stupid to put some dumb archaic 10 point must process, taken from a totally different sport and try to force it to fit into an MMA frame. It doesn't fricken work and it needs to end.

I am sick and tired of seeing guys get wins for fights they lost. I'm sick and tired of a guy getting beat up all round and then "Stealing the round" with a lame takedown at the end that has no more impact than a casually landed Jab. I heard that all night "He is stealing the round" - **** that, they need to stop being rewarded for "Stealing Rounds" and they need to actually Win them.

If I was a lesser fan, this would turn me off to the sport, enough to just stop watching. But I am not. I am a rabid fan. But, there are many border line fans and if this sport really wants to grow and get out of the fringe, they need to fix this.

Everyone likes to say "If you don't like the decision, don't leave it to the judges". That's bullshit. You should be able to leave it to the judges and trust that they will get it right. Does anyone actually tell these judges how to score the fights? Do the judges actually know how to fight? Do they know what's hard to do and what isn't? Do they know what causes reall damage (Like stikes and headkicks) vs what "Looks" impressive, like a Takedown or Slam?
Obviously, they don't.

It's not just Strikeforce, it's all of MMA.
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