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Originally Posted by Comeonjonnes View Post
Oh come on, reading these answers makes my eyes bleed. If Brock Lesnar would fight with adult gorilla male, the gorilla would tear Brock to pieces in seconds. Do you even realize how strong gorillas are? The strenght ratio is about same as normal adult man and a little boy. Even some two times smaller chimp would win Brock easily. And secondly, Brock couldn't even deliver damage to gorilla at all, because gorillas have much thicher and stronger bones and limbs than humans. Some years ago, somewhere happened that a chimp ripped man's face and bited his nose off. After that the chimp ravaged he's legs and teared his arm off. And chimps are MUCH smaller than gorillas. You must be unbelievable idiots if you think that ANY human could EVER beat a gorilla in fight. Some random gorilla male would easily beat like five Brock Lesnars at same time and rip them to pieces. This was my only post, and I registered and wrote this only because I was furious, how stupid and oblivious people can be.
Perhaps you should get a sense of humour, not take everything so seriously and stop resurrecting threads dating back 3 years.

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