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Originally Posted by StandThemUp View Post
One cool thing I heard on Sirius Fight Club today was that, if anything, JT may have lost the fight, but has won the war. In the sense that he made a really awesome showing for himself, showed he is one of the best at 155, and now, has no reason to stay in SF and may be able to turn this loss into a trip to the UFC.

In contrast, GM may have won the battle, but is stuck with the curse of holding the SF LW belt and has no chance of moving to the UFC anytime soon.

So in terms of long term success. Josh may have come out in top.

That being said, I heard a couple things that bothered me. Many, many MMA "commentators" and interviewers saying round 1 could have been scored 10-10. Please correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that supposed to be impossible in a true 10 Point Must system, where the winner get's 10 and the lose get's 9 or less (barring any deductions).

On that note - Why wasn't round 4 scored a 10-8 for JT? Can anyone honestly say that GM won either rounds 1,2 or 3 as definitively as JT won round 4?

And in there lies the problem.
Not sure if it is possible to give it a 10-10. But indeed, the first round is razor thin and could have gone either way. I gave this round and the 2nd to Melendez and 3,4,5 to Thomson.

As for a 10-8 round, Judges will normally only give a 10-8 round if a fighter is truly dominate from the start to finish and is on the verge of finishing the other guy off. (i.e round 1 of Maynard/Edgar 2.)

For this fight, round 4 is clearly a 10-9 for Thomson. He didn't really dominate the round. It was actually pretty even initially. He only manage to sink in the RNC near the end of the round and even that wasnt close enough to finishing the fight.

So either way you look at it, it was 10-9 for Thomson.
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