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Technique was attacking the turtle very similar to my knee-in rollover that is my go to. Tried out two options of lapel chokes from there.

Drilled from turtle, I got paired with the Vince Vaughn looking black belt, who tapped me countless times and then clowned me when it was my turn to attack. Then went to rolling where I was matched with him again. I swear this guy doesn't like me or something, he always skips the warmup and then we get paired for rolling and he ****s me up, only to roll casually with the guy after me.My only hesitancy against him just not liking me is he tries to tell me what to do and help me. Still, he does it condescendingly and when I do what he asks its never fast or consistent enough so he continues to tool me and point out the same things like I'm retarded. They lost track of time and that round was one of the longer feeling ones of my life, after that I have no excuses, my weepy vagina and I left class early. Back at 'er tomorrow, cold is just a lingerig cough now and is only noticeable when getting choked.
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