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I wish Vitor would have maned up and admitted that he was sending his three weakest fighters over and quit with all the pretense. At this point I hope the final's are going to be

Sergio Moraes vs Daniel Sarafian which would be a great Wrestler vs BJJ matchup.

Hugo "Wolverine" vs Rony "Jason" which would be a classic sloberknocker and really the closest this season could get to a Griffin/Bonnar fight.

Rodrigo Damn doesn't seem like the sort that's going to survive three fights in the UFC.

Pepey is an interesting fighter but I wonder if he's just a one note guy.

Mutante should really be fighting at LHW get some seasoning and then move down, I'm going to dread seeing him face Sarafian in the finals as I feel like Sarafian is just going to walk right through him.

Bodao seems like one of the more genuine fighters on this season. And I wouldn't mind seeing if he can make it past Sarafian.

I'm curious to see what happens when this season is over. Typically the rule for TUF is the worst the seasonal fights are the better the talent is when they move on. Mir/Nog and HW's were both terrible seasons for fights and yet they provided the UFC with two of the best classes of fighters (Roop, Bader, Lawlor, Sozinski, Kingsbury, Maghales, Marshall, and Schaub, Nelson, Mitrione, Madsen)
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