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Originally Posted by MMA-BOT 6000
Probably because nobody is interested in seeing fighters the size of children try to compensate for their miniatureness by acting tough.

I give this season a big

I for one am interested in seeing guys that put on fights far better than the oversized oafs like Tim Sliva. But I bet you like big guys rolling around on the floor don't you?

The idea you could blow anything is fascinating to me.

Seriously if you have nothing good to say then keep quiet because all your doing is show yourself off to be what you claim these guys are, undersized and making up for with talk. Gee, I wonder where your undersized?

On topic:
As the season progresses the number could go up as the fights are supposed to be some of the best and the coaches hate each other more than Tito and Shamrock. Something I thought no one could ever out do. I guess time will tell.

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