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Wednesday April 11th

Weight Training: legs

Squats on smith 3 sets x 7
Seated calf raises 2 sets x 15
Leg Press 3 sets x 7,7,6
Hacksquats on smith 3 sets x 7,7,7
Barbell lunges 3 sets x 8


5 3 minute rounds of rolling. Switch partners after each time. Started from knees or from guard.

Circuit Work

Had 3 stations set up, one station was rolling, one was soft sparring with MMA gloves, one was condition. Did each one two times for 3 minutes with 30 second breaks inbetween.

Focus Mitts

5 3-minute rounds with 30 second break inbetween.
Round 1 - left jab, left jab right hand
Round 2 - left hook, right cross
Round 3 - left jab, right hand, left hook, right hand left hand rght hand (fast)
Round 4 - left jab, right hand, duck punch, right uppercut
Round 5 - MT clinch, 10 right knees, 10 left knees, and so on

Kinda hard to specify everything I did cuz I was working with a small group of people today but this is pretty accurate. Today was my last day of "bodybuilding" and starting next week probably I'm going to be strength training splitting my WT into Presses, Pushes, and Squats and going for a 5x5 routine.

What a stud

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