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I've been feeling slightly better after going through the medicine regiment that I"ve been on for almost a week now.

I've dropped physical training to recover all much more rapidly.

I am still working like a mad-man at work. I am needing new work shoes, because of all the fast-paced walking I am doing during a day. I am certain I am walking 5 or 6 miles a day.

There was a medicinal steroid in the mix and it's got a lovely main side-effect "electrolyte imbalance" I've been super thirsty this week compared to others.

in a general day I'm taking in a liter of water/milk prior to work, 2 liters of powerade during the 30-minute break, if I'm lucky I have a 15 minute break there as well where I eat a 400-calorie pack of yogurt and drink another liter of water., after work i'll have another liter of liquid before I shower an call it a day.

Sunday was one of the more satisfying days for me in a long time. I was able to eat 5 meals through the day and ended up taking in around 3600 calories I believe.

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