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can't ko brock. anyone else have this experience whats worn?

I was playing tonight and got very frustrated.

today I was playing on the second hardest difficulty level and ran into something very frustrating

I have trouble with ground fighting (always get transitions reversed) so when I play against wrestlers the strategy I always have is kick the crap out of their legs and usually by round 3 I either break their leg or their legs are so damage that they can't defend takedowns and i take them down for the rest of the fight.

Today I was using this strategy with shane and just koed cain with legs kicks then I fought Brock. no mater how times i kicked him in the leg i couldn't ko him. I tried several times with the same results. By round 3 his leg was completely red and there were constant comments about his legs I must have kicked his leg 40 times after this point and he wouldn't go down. eventually he took me down a finished me with GNP and the comets from joe after the fight was that My fighter (shane) had broken his own leg because it was checked which is in no way what happened and my legs were completely healthy too.

no matter how many times I tried I couldn't finish him with leg kicks and he would eventually take me down an ground and pound me to death.

anyone else experience this?

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