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Tech was back take from bottom half guard, option to rolling sweep when they try to flatten you. Third option when youre coming up the back and they whizzer, grip their sleeve to keep the whizzer in and roll under elbow first, stepping leg out for side control.

Rolled first few rounds starting from bottom half guard. A very small purple that I tried not to muscle around but had to a few times orhwould have made me look stupid. Got another purple closer to my size that I was eyeing up from last week when he was smugly beating up white belts...easy hip sweep, stayed in mount/back but couldn't finish. Next was a brown that always ****s me up, he ****ed me up again with effortless sweeps and armbars. Finally a smaller blue mostly stalling in my guard or his half guard.

Getting really frustrated with how quickly exhausted I still get. I guess it should be expected, but its really suckin the enjoyment out and I'm still claustrophobic/panicky in bad spots, which should be gone by now. Protect your head, folks.
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