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Tech was a sweep from bottom half guard, get under them, grab their far foot with nearest hand, feed to other hand that is reaching around their hip, freed hand cups at knee, pull their leg out with yours to prevent posting as you drive them over. I know this sweep but it was nice to practice it and I was definitely missing the leg trap detail.

Drilled from half guard and I had some fun with a white belt and pretty much a stallfest with a blue belt, though I cheated and got a pendulum sweep because i wanted to test some details for it that I saw on youtube.

My rounds were with a good black belt, and two good browns. All were a bit more active and competitive than usual and i felt I opened up a bit more and had some energy for the first two at least.No idea why today I felt the polar opposite of how I felt yesterday, I had near identical sleep, meal timing and daytime activites as yesterday.

Tomrrow we head to Brazilian Top Team to meet the guys and watch a training session, pics to come.
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