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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
Good step up for rory though. this would be the perfect name to have on his resume.

You know, i use to believe that myself. Until the Fitch fight. First 2 rounds = bj out wrestled fitch BUT what made me question myself is how easily fitch got penn off his back. I remember thinking "BJ GOT HIS BACK!!! ITS OVER!!!" but no, never happened. BJ has fitch in his guard and he cant do anything. Infact, we havent seen any vintage BJ BJJ since the florian fight.
To be fair Fitch's BJJ coach is a guy who trained along side BJ for years and knows the intricate things BJ does very well.
Originally Posted by _RIVAL_ View Post
C'mon Tox you can't be serious... isn't his record around 2-3-1 as a WW?

Matter of fact the only WW fights I recall him ever winning were agains Hughes.. and he lost one of those too.. WWs are too strong for him..
How many people at WW have been able to get an advantage over BJ when he wasn't gassed? The answer is one and he is considered #1 or 2 P4P in the world. So lets sumerize a BJ Penn who is not gassed can only be beaten at WW by one of the top 2 P4P fighters on the planet who also holds a substantial size advantage. Obviously Penn is awful. BJ's biggest problem at WW is not what he can do but simply a matter of how long he can do it. He needs to learn he has to be in better shape at 170 than he does at 155 because he shows up in about the same or slightly worse shape but is grappling with bigger stronger guys who are just physically draining him. Its not that WW's are to strong, he dropped Fitch one of the bigger WW's and a great wrestler on his head. Its a matter of Penn physically not having the stamina to compete with guys that big. If he is motivated and in shape he will stomp anyone except GSP. Call me crazy but I truly believe BJ Penn is the greatest fighter to ever compete in MMA. His record reflects his desire to challenge himself more than his true abilities as a fighter.

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