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Commentary: UFC Offers Injury Insurance / UFC fighters say low pay simply brutal...

So all these injuries occurring got me thinking about what's going on behind the scenes. For the most part it's pretty straight forward. Got a broken hand, can't fight, bad back can't wrestle, injured you're out for a while, etc...etc. All valid reasons. But it hasn't stopped fighters from fighting injured in the past. So I dug up this article on health insurance.

Article is dated earlier this year, but I think it's a very fascinating read especially the excerpts from "fighter X."

"Their business (UFC) practices are hardcore and cut-throat. We're paid like entertainers when we should be paid like athletes. They want us hungry. They want us to be poor so they have more control over us.

Just like in boxing, 10 to 15 years from now, just like you see a lot of old, broke boxers, you're going to see a lot of old broke MMA fighters."

My conclusion without writing an essay is that fighters are simply taking advantage of the injury insurance (rightfully so) and protecting their interests. Why fight and potentially lose everything. I am pro Zuffa as a business owner myself, but I feel the plight of the fighters for sure!

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