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Originally Posted by edlavis88 View Post
If you actually look through all the press, fighters in general say they get paid very well. For the most part the underpaid stuff is just a few misinformed journalists jumping on the interviews of bitter ex UFC employees.

The fact is it makes no.sense for a fighter to take a stand over money by pulling out of a fight and forfeiting his.purse when he has already spent the money on a training camp!

I do think guys are taking advantage of the UFC helathcare thing, but more than that I think the level of competition has risen so.much in such a short space of time that guys are over training just to keep in touch.
You could say though that they have to say they are paid well, since the company is a bit of a dictatorship with everyone having to please the big boss. Maybe if you come out bitching about what you get paid, you get cut after your next fight? Thats a pretty big deal if your whole career is on the line.
Im not usually one for conspiracies, but 4 or 5 injuries ago things were getting ridiculous, bisping today, stann yesterday, almost ever name is dropping out with something and now its almost beyond ridiculous. I have gone on bad losing streaks at poker before but this just beginning to look not so much like a coincidence anymore

If you take your argument whereby it makes no sense to walk away from the purse, yes there is good logic to that, but a union has to start somewhere, and eventually these unions pay the people who go on strike, because a percentage of their salary goes to them.

All speculation by me, but interesting speculation all the same!

EDIT: actually looking back - Randy spoke out about pay and then there was a lot of shit between randy and dana, and the only other person who ever spoke out about pay was Tito and he got fu**ed basically for a few years. And at the time those guys were the biggest names in the sport

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