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I can't help thinking that maybe this is PED related... Although I'm sure it isn't, IMO it's as likely an explanation as there being a conspiracy.

Hear me out -

Depending on whom you listen to, the percentage of fighters regularly taking PED can be anything from "UFC fighters are the most tested athletes on the planet, they're all clean" to "the majority of fighters are juicing..." Assuming that the truth lies somewhere in between, that leaves a certain percentage of fighters taking steroids or the Vogue PED of choice - Testosterone.

Now even those pundits who claim everyone is juicing, appear to agree that a lot of fighters take these "supplements" to (1) train harder (2) recover quicker and (3) get over injuries faster...

With the two very high profile drug issues so far in 2012 (Overoid and the elder half of the Doobie brothers*) it's not unreasonable to think that the UFC and Fox’s top brass have sent word down from on high, making it very clear that anyone else failing a drug test will be immediately cut... With the result, that many fighters are now off the juice and either getting injured or unable to recover in time from injuries suffered because they are training clean for the first time…

It’s also worth remembering that these guys are involved in a brutal sport where the rewards are potentially life changing. Even if the juicers convince themselves that all they’re doing is evening the playing field, (e.g. their buddy confirms their next opponent is juicing) – the temptation to juice, must be HUGE. Personally, I prefer to believe that the majority of UFC fighters are clean, but just because I believe it, doesn’t guarantee it’s true.

* Comedic license - I know that Nate says he doesn’t smoke

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