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Makes sense as the book was split into two. They'll probably do 20 episodes for Feast of Crows/Dance of Dragons, as even though technically that's three books (for paperback) they take place within the same time frame.

Storm of Swords is definitely the busiest book.

Really wanted to see Roose, but guess we'll be waiting until book 3. The RW will be, if done right, some of the greatest 'OMFG SHIT' tv, especially for those that don't know what RW stands for

luckbox - About the Tyrell's arrival, the way I saw it was the marriage was promised, and all that talk was for the other people in the room, to spread word that the King didn't break the betrothal to Sansa without say so from the Gods, and that he isn't an oathbreaker. Officially it was all said and done, and all that asking from Loras and hesitation from Joffrey was just playing the Game for the watchers.

Sansa's reaction struck me as weird also. I know she's a naive little girl in the books, but I can't remember her being THAT naive?
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