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Originally Posted by MikeHawk View Post
What makes anyone think Brock is a good MMA wrestler? Cain and Overeem shrugged him off like he was nothing.

He can't set up takedowns and he's afraid to be hit. He has no business fighting someone like Cormier.
Only thing I'm arguing with is the whole Cain shrugged him off with ease debate. Lesnar took him down twice in the first round with one take down being a slam. Once he started getting hit himself, that's when he struggled. If you mean Cain shrugged him off like nothing as in got back up easily, I'd agree with you. That may have been Lesnar's impatience though since it looked like he would immediately go for side control which Cain would take advantage of and get back to his feet.

But yeah, I agree that Lesnar's MMA wrestling isn't that great because he's afraid of getting hit. How can you set up your take downs with strikes if you are afraid of potentially taking a punch or two? You have to rely on pure strength in that case, which unlike the early days, fighters actually know what a sprawl is so good luck with that.

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