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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Trying to find out more about the massive nuclear cover up happening in the michigan/indiana area of the united states right now. I was hearing all over the place about ratiation levels shooting up hundreds of times higher than normal and that it was being picked up by more than a few hundred places in the US and being reported.

I wish I had read more about it before the government did a complete media black out, nothing I was reading is still up. The only place I can still find stuff about it are other forums and large user sites and .edu sites. Apparently tons of universities are going ape shit over their readings.

I didn't take interest at first, but as hard as the government is trying to cover up "whatever it is" thats happened/happening I'd kind of like to know whats going on.
I believe this is how "Night Of The Living Dead" started.

My advice is to board up your windows, stock up on food + water, flash light, batteries, ammo, axe, combat knife, adult magazines, radio transmitter, tools, extra clothing, and I-pod.

Shiet is going down...burn this muther f*****!

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