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Originally Posted by Jrb947 View Post

I have been taking a thai boxing class since october.

I am having a very difficult time throwing a high kick.

If I am standing straigh on, I can easiliy raise my foot to my head level. However, if I pivot on my left foot ( orthodox stance) and try to turn my right leg over and lift it high I feel a pain. Is my technique wrong? Flexibility is a MAJOR concern as well.

Just now I put my leg on a counter top and "turned my hip over". It was pretty painful , lol.

Any suggestions? Tips?

I have that problem, too. For most, it's a matter of stretching, flexiblity and coordination. Mine is different. I've trained it hard and stretched a lot, but my hip joint won't let me do high roundhouse kicks. I can kick a 7' target with a straight kick, but struggle with 5' for a roundhouse - it feels like my hip is going to pop out of its socket. One way to check is where you feel pain when you turn your hip over - if it's tightness in your groin/inner thigh muscle, it's probably a matter of stretching/flexibility. If you feel it in your hip joint, no amount of stretching is going to help.
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