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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
True, but I think the overall blueprint was that JBJ can be hurt with the right technique and timing.
Yes, but as you say later, it's easer said than done. Noone will learn in a short time what Machida spend over 20 years to develop as his style.

Everyone else seems to get frozen like a deer with headlights. Rashad hit em with a few shots, but after the 2nd round it was all defensive mode.
Not all of them. Rua didn't really get frozen. He was just overrun by Jones' massive force. Rashad didn't do that bad, but if I remember right, he got hit quite good early on and somewhat couldn't regain his composure after that.

Machida landed a left cross if I recall and committed and followed through. All of the rest of the fighters merely caught air and stopped midway through cuz they had JBJ's hands in their face while he was back pedalling.

It's timing. Either they absorb a shot from JBJ while dishing it out. Few can handle that kind of punishment, but Hendo can. Or wait for the right moment to explode. I mean of course it's easier said than done, but what else is there. One can leg kick em, but you know he'll catch it and dump you on the ground eventually. I think someone like Cain would be a perfect match up. That's the fight I want to see.
Yes, as I said. Machida's approach is pretty good in principal, it would have worked superb if Jones didn't have that reach to overcome, but with that reach the explosive in and out attack consumes massive amounts of energy.

I can see Henderson having a shot. With Jones, even though physically strong, not having shown that one punch KO power, Henderson could rush in head down hoping for his powerfull overhand right to land. But I guess Jones will keep him at distance with his straight front kicks to the body.

Concerning leg kicks against Jones, I think you're right, low kicks would have the danger of being caught by Jones eventually which would in consequence lead to having him in the guard and taking his ground and pound. But I can see side kicks to his knee (like he did them himself a lot against Quinton Jackson) having some success.
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