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Tech from half guard, nearside underhook, they whizzer, use free hand to push their far knee out then move under repeat till they're stretched out and you're under them, use grip on far leg to tip them as you roll under them. Other option is to trap their whizzer with a sleeve grip and clamped elbow with your underhook arm, same side foot goes to their hip, create space by leaning back out, other leg comes out of half guard and swings under their armpit, lift other leg over their head for armbar.

Rolled a brown, largely from eachother's guards, bit of a stalemate or maybe he got side control once. Rolled a game black belt but I did alright, just got tapped once from back and escaped his mount nicely later on, he gave me props but, as usual, it was about how strong I am. =)
Rolled a game white belt, passed guard, held side, mounted, found arm triangle. Rest of the round was dodging sweeps and passing.

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