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Video montage from BTT last week:

Milton Vieira debuting at UFC 147:

Tuesday was Dias dos Namorados (lover's day) in Brazil, I guess the traditional Valentine's day is too close to the Carnival dates so they placed it elsewhere.

The weather was mediocre but we headed to a relatively deserted spot on the beach anyways, popped some champagne and settled in. Fantastic day; movie-esque. Literally moments that I had to remind myself to stop marvelling and stay present. Of course eventually the moment got ruined.

There's always beach vendors coming along, trying to sell you shit and in this case being an annoyance. One guy was selling temporary tattoos, wouldn't take a simple "no thanks" and started showing us his designs and stuff, being friendly but particularily insistent. His last idea was for me to tattoo my name on her somewhere which made me laugh as he left. About 30 minutes later she realizes her phone is gone. We got jacked. We go to cancel her phone and I walk along the beach for an hour looking for him, of course he's long gone.

At first I laughed at the situation, then I got progressively more annoyed just because of the context of it. I failed in a manly role that I consider myself overly qualified for. Could have been worse, but still couldn't help running through every possible way I could have ****ed the guy up.

Oh well, I actually expected to be robbed at some point or another in 6 months in Rio. If this is the worst crime to affect me, then **** it.

Heading to Team Nogueira next wednesday for some meet and greet and a class under the Nog brothers. I know Thiago Gonclaves, a black belt under them. At least I think I know him, he used to train us at my gym back in Canada, sparred him a few times too. Messaged him and hopefully he'll be around too.

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