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Goodbeer hasn't done anything to warrant a tourney spot outside of be British ahead of BFC's impending negotiations with major sports stations in the state after UFC's deal with ESPN expires in August. I could see him being included for that lone reason, but on merit and scouting, he should have to win a or maybe even two qualifiers.

Godbeer's contending with:

Mark Holata who has won 9 of 10 w/ victories over Jordan, Marrero, and Wagner.

Sparks who has the same record and beat Holata.

Prindle who has nearly as good of a record and upended Sparks, Beast Boy, and Wagner; plus was the last tourney champ (albeit by default).

Beast Boy with a similar record who has beaten Garner, Rinaldi, and Harris.

Martinez similar record and the would be Pro Elite finalist.

Magomedov who has the same record and at least has trumped Ricco Suave, plus passes the eye test better IMO.

I'd have Godbeer fighting on undercards until he earns a spot.

Grabowski parted ways with Bellator after edging Huckaba BTW.

This would be my field:

Vitaliy Minakov
Thiago Santos
Mark Holata
Eric Prindle
Alexei Kudin
Jon Madsen
Beast Boy/Ron Sparks winner
Ryan Martinez/Ruslan Magomedov winner

Unfortunately the winner of Brett Rogers/Kevin Asplund is going to get an undeserving (IMO) spot, crowding out a better heavyweight, but these things have a way of working themselves out. Last HW tourney lost like half its participants along the way.
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