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Originally Posted by Nick_V03 View Post
I laughed when I saw this thread because I was just wondering the other day about all of the old "regulars" that used to post here.

Glad to see you got back safe.

I actually think the welterweight division is more interesting without St. Pierre in the picture. Fights have actually been competitive and unpredictable. I fear once he comes back that it will just be like it used to be with an assembly line waiting to drop a decision to him. I'm sure I'm in the minority that has that mind set.

I agree about Sonnen. If he doesn't get too ahead of himself again, he will probably win a decision against Silva.

I'm not sure about Velasquez beating Dos Santos. Dos Santos is an excellent striker and is well balanced with speed and power, meaning he doesn't lack either. His take down defense and underrated ground game make him a complete fighter, and I don't see a bad match up for him in the heavyweight division. Of course their first fight left more to be desired. Who knows how a rematch will go if Velasquez doesn't get caught early. He's very persistent with his take downs if the stand up game isn't working for him.

Good to have you back! Always happy to see posters from my era still around.
good to see ya pal, I hear what your saying about GSP. But we will still have the new talent, but we will see GSP/Condit and some new challenges for him.

As for JDS, he is a tough matchup for Cain. But I think if Cain can push the pace and use his own solid strikes mixed with his takedowns he could cause him trouble. You don't think Overeem beats JDS? That Brock fight was sooooo predictable, that was even money too right?


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