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Originally Posted by jdun11 View Post
good to see ya pal, I hear what your saying about GSP. But we will still have the new talent, but we will see GSP/Condit and some new challenges for him.

As for JDS, he is a tough matchup for Cain. But I think if Cain can push the pace and use his own solid strikes mixed with his takedowns he could cause him trouble. You don't think Overeem beats JDS? That Brock fight was sooooo predictable, that was even money too right?
Yeah, Condit/St. Pierre actually sounds interesting. Condit has that aggressive never say die style (usually) and I actually don't see him being tentative for 5 rounds like a lot of Georges' opponents. Also, who knows how Georges will perform after coming back.

JDS and Cain probably are the hardest match ups for each other. They are both just so well rounded and I could see them being 1 and 2 in the division for a while. I think the winner of their rematch is truly the best heavyweight today. I wanna see how Dos Santos works off his back against Velasquez so hopefully we see Cain get a take down. People keep hyping Junior's ground game up, but it's actual level is still a mystery. Cain's ground game speaks for itself. Him nearly merging Antonio Silva's face into the octagon mat is only one example. After their fight, I'd like to see Cormier give one of them a go after a few more fights.

I'd say Overeem technically has better stand up than Dos Santos, but he seems to be significantly slower in my opinion. That muscle mass won't help him against an agile fighter like Junior if he wants to stand. Overeem has been knocked out on more than one occasion so his chin isn't exactly granite, while Junior on the other hand, has hard and quick punches that are pretty accurate for the most part. That's what makes me lean toward Junior. I could be wrong, and it wouldn't surprise me if Overeem did beat him standing, he does have K1 level striking after all, but it's a theory of mine about the speed.

Yeah, that fight should have been a lock for most people. Brock was in over his head. I have to give him credit for stepping in there, though. The guy has been through a lot.

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