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Heading to get my third flame on Skyward Sword (I think I'm like 70% done with the main story now).

The game is a blast, but feels aged. The camera is, quite frankly, horrible and stuck in the late 90s. This is the same camera Ocarina of Time had and Mario 64. Sure, it was great then, but there's a reason why no other game anywhere uses this camera. Also, Link is a complete retard when it comes to jumping/platforming, the controls for this are straight out balls. The camera and this (platforming/jumping) feels like a 15 year old game and, being as unbiased as I can be - is quite horrible.

Other than that, the game is pretty great, a lot of things to gather/collect, dungeons to do, side missions to complete - your typical Zelda game, which isn't a bad thing for the most part.
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