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Starting MMA with judo background

Hi everyone!

First of all, congratulations with this wonderful site. I think this forum is probably unique for the MMA community.

I read the other topics in this section concerning starting MMA with different backgrounds, but i haven't found any relating to judo. (perhaps there is, anyways, i haven't found one)

So basically i'm (nearly) 22 years old and i've practiced judo for some 5 years (15-20). I've quit because i had a serious injury to recover from. I won't pretend i was the outstanding fighter of my club, but i can say i was at a decent level.

I want to begin practicing martial arts once again, and MMA sounds interesting. However, i could do 4 things to eventually get into MMA:

1. Practicing judo again for some time (1 year or so) before starting MMA.

2. Start another martial arts, probably kickboxing, MT or thai boxing. (something with kicks and punches)

3. Start another martial arts, like Brazilian JJ, to learn armbars and leglocks (our judo trainers were very reluctant to learn these to us, so basically my knowledge of these things is rather basic)

4. Dive into MMA straight away...

So what would be the best approach? Do be honest, i'm reluctant of the 4rd option, simply because i do not know anything about throwing punches or kicks, and basically nothing about locks, so i think it would be irresponsible to go to MMA directly, no?

Thanks in advance (and sorry for the long post!)
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