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Been pretty sick with something since friday, stomach was feeling off but we had plans to go out and I did. Vomitted my face off at first sip of beer, Rebecca drags me home, a fever kicks in. Since then no vomitting but I have next to no appetite and feel sick when I force it. Since friday I've eaten 4 pieces of bread, 3 bananas, half a dinner and a protein shake. Down about 5lbs today. My right hand is still all tingly and numb. I'm waking up covered in itchy bumps all over my body. It's either a combo of things (flu/food poisoning + pinched nerve + bug bites) or its something more insidious like staph blood poisoning. I had some infected looking hair follicles leading up to this. Give it a few days as I seem to be slowly improving, will find a good tourist doctor otherwise. Major buzzkill though, less than three weeks left and I want to be training and sexing.
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