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Originally Posted by Trix View Post

Even if everything contained in the synopsis from post #1 is true, I wouldn't have less respect for Matt Hughes, or think of him any differently.

Truth be told, Matt Hughes could be the biggest douchebag in the world and he would still be head and shoulders above people like Tiger Woods who are douchebags but try hard to pretend they aren't.

Kudos for Hughes for having the class to be who he is without engaging in politically correct bs or being a phony who tries to cultivate image.

Matt Hughes may not be perfect, but he is a real man. And, there are many media darlings in the public spotlight who could NOT say the same.
Yes, because torturing animals, beating your father and abusing others in on the same level as sleeping around. Get some sense in that empty head of yours.

this guy hughes is sheer filth and nothing more.
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