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Even though he mentions he won't consider "fancy offers." What if M-1 knowing how greedy they are, work out some kind of an arrangement down the line with UFC. If Cain loses that puts the HW division in a tailspin cuz that leaves Alistair who's dealing with his own issues at the moment as the only contender.

So I thought of an interesting ploy on the Russians part. Maybe this is their play...their only chess move if you will. After all they are Russians.

Theoretically speaking say JDS beats Cain, Overeem, Travis, and whoever within a span of a year. Fedor could enter the picture and who would complain. I mean one million + PPVs is nothing for the UFC, but a lot for a fighter who will most likely never again see that kind of money. He's still young at 35 years old with a young family.

Sure I know it's a long shot, but you never know in this biz.

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