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Round 1 - Yves Lavigne is the third man again for a pretty highly anticipated featherweight clash. They touch 'em up and get going. Front kick from Hioki misses, and Lamas lands an outside leg kick in exchange. They tie up and Hioki bullies "The Bully" to the fence and looks for knees. Lamas briefly turns things around, but Hioki takes the power back. But it's Lamas who winds up on top on the ground. And while Hioki locks up Lamas' arm with his legs, Lamas tries to figure a way out of a bad spot. He does it by picking Hioki up and slamming him on his back. The crowd lets out its loudest reaction of the night with the thudding slam. Back on the feet, Lamas lands a nice right hand. But Hiloki slows things down on the ground, then keeps things slowed down back on the feet by tying Lamas up in a clinch on the cage. With a minute left, Hioki is mostly controlling things on the canvas, though he's not doing incredible damage. He goes after Lamas' right arm and tries to work for a straight armbar, but it doesn't happen. Despite the slam, gives the first round to Hioki.

Round 2 - We do some kickboxing to start. Both guys get off a few decent shots – nothing too serious. Hioki tries to drive Lamas to the cage for a takedown, but Lamas stays standing and gets off some nice shots before they break apart. A left hand from Lamas lands flush. We'll see if he can use that to mount some more offense. He gets a couple more shots off, and as Hioki tries to take him down, Lamas grabs a niece and starts working a guillotine. It's a bad spot for Hioki, but the choke's not deep enough. Lamas eventually has to let go, and now he's in a precarious spot on the bottom with Hioki in side control. Lamas gets back to guard, though and tries to find a way out of the spot while also looking for elbows. He again latches on to a neck. But Hioki again is able to pop it out. But once again, Lamas grabs hold – and again, Hioki needs some time, but eventually pops it out. Hioki is doing little from the top position, and Lamas keeps working on that choke attempt. The round will close out with Hioki on top, just holding on. calls the round 10-9 for Lamas.

Round 3 - Final frame, and we could be all even. Couple kicks from Lamas, but he eats a couple short punches for his effort. High Lamas kick misses, but he brings an outside leg kick behind it. Body punch from Lamas. Hioki seems to be in counter-punch mode. Lamas with a nice combination, then a nice shot to the body. Stiff jab from Lamas now. Halfway through, Lamas is winning the round. A bicycle kick from Lamas is off the mark, but looks good. Hioki's front kick is answered with a nice Lamas left hook. Hioki goes low for a takedown and gets a nice slam out of it. But Lamas is back in guillotine mode looking for the choke. Will it be deep enough this time? Hioki gives thumbs-up to Lavigne that he's OK for now. It looks tight from here, but Hioki apparently has enough room to breathe. Lamas is watching himself on the screens to see his position. But Hioki pops mostly out. Lamas works from the bottom landing body punches over and over. Hioki is doing nothing – just holding on, trying not to be choked out. The 10-second clapper comes on, and that's how they'll end the fight. gives the round to Lamas 10-9 and has him winning the fight 29-28. Could be interesting. We'll see what the judges say. Ricardo Lamas def. Hatsu Hioki via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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