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Round 1
The two fighters don't touch gloves and Asplund works inside with two punches but they don't land. They break and Rogers returns fire and presses him against the cage. He abandons this and the fighters break. The heavyweights clinch and Rogers pulls off a powerful lateral drop and moves to half guard. He forces Asplund against the fences and starts beating down on his body. Asplund grabs a hold of a kimura which stalls The Grim. He tries to wall walk but Rogers grabs a hold of his neck. Asplund shakes it off and pushes his foe away. He then moves in with an uppercut and right hook that lands on Rogers. Rogers responds by forcing him against the cage but Asplund reverses and is now the aggressor. Rogers pushes away from his foe and they meet in the center once more. The two fighters clinch and Asplund lands a hook and immediately backs away from Rogers' vicious counter hooks. Rogers again attacks with the hooks which Asplund avoids, dodging Anderson Silva style with his hands down. Asplund lands a hook but Rogers responds and stuns his foe with a counter hook. Rogers rushes Asplund and gets a front headlock before the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Rogers
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Rogers
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Rogers

Round 2

Rogers begins the second round with a combo which Asplund avoids. Rogers stalks his foe and throws a body kick. A thudding leg kick is landed by Asplund and he begins walking down Rogers. He shoves him against the cage and takes him down but Rogers is quick to his knees. Asplund grabs his neck but Rogers manages to get to his feet before he is thrown back to the ground. Asplund moves quickly to side control and begins landing short elbows. Rogers has had enough and stands up and pushes his tiring opponent to the ground. Asplund grabs for another kimura and the action stalls. Asplund uses the kimura to regain half guard and continues to crank on the arm. Rogers manages to break free and is on top of his opponent. Asplund tries to snake up the fence, but gets thrown back to the mat. Asplund shrimps to half-guard annd Rogers lays on him. Asplund again wrenches for a kimura but Rogers pounds on his body. Rogers is rather stifled on the ground but lands two punches as the round ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Rogers
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Rogers
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Rogers

The ringside physician stops the bout due to the left eye of Kevin Asplund being swollen shut. Brett Rogers is the winner by TKO after the second round.

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