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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
Good God. The amount of hate wreaking from you is quite evident. As is the douchebaggery of "I watch more MMA than you" in your next post.

I like how you equate throwing recklessly with little regard for safety as "real fighting". Leonard Garcia should be your favorite fighter.

Also, if Wand would have won this I highly doubt you would have posted something similar. Chances are it would have still been hating Rich.

Did you pay for the card? Or are you bitching because you lost your precious time?
Only in MMA where the level of striking is so poor in general that people don't realize they have a low probability of getting KO'd if they actually throw jabs and and short precise crosses and not load up on every punch and throw wild hooks.

Matt Brown isn't even a good striker really, he's just good for MMA because he knows how to touch guys and not get hit that much. It's sad when you see more high level striking from Matt freaking Brown than "ME" fighters.

Also, I would never pay for this garbage but I can see why people are rushing to defend their investment. The same kind of people that bought this card must be the same kind of people that bought Horse Armor in the Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

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