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Originally Posted by michelangelo View Post
Yamasaki lets fights go on far too long.

1. BJ Penn knocked out Sean Sherk, then stopped when he saw Sherk was out. Mario wouldn't stop the fight, so he had to keep beating a defenseless fighter.

2. Brock Lesnar delivered about 3 dozen hammer fists in 30 seconds to Couture before Yamaaski stopped the fight. Obviously, Couture was not "intelligently defending himself" if he's eating that many punches in such a short period of time.

3. Wanderlei beats Franklin senseless while Franklin cowers in the fetal position for an entire minute. No stoppage.

Rich himself after the fight, says he didn't remember ANYTHING from the 2nd to the end of the fourth round.

The fight should've been stopped for Rich's own safety.
Watching it again

Rich goes down at :41
Rich shuffles out of the way at :32
Rich rises up and goes for a single at :26
Wanderlei returns the beating at :20
Rich wiggles out of a beating from Wandy at :08
Rich answers the call to move at :03

Wanderlei had two points that the fight could have been called but Franklin was able to intelligently defend himself. Rich did turtle up but he never turned his head away from the punching (which is "tapping" to strikes).
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