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Originally Posted by Andrus View Post
Been drinkin like a madman for a month, time to take some time off. i've had only 2 sober nights in this period. Got a new prospect to life, learnin from my mistakes and just livin life to the fullest. Since i've been workin-drinkin-sleepin so much i've had no time to look for a new job. Gonna start giving out my cv's tomorrow.

Last night was mad real. Thought i'd have a few drinks with our hotel's guests, they were here last year and they are awesome. went out with them for 4 days i think. Anyways, after that I thought I'd meet up with my lady friend who i've been seeing for the last 3 days, have a crush on her... so later we met, she told me that she wants to go out with her girls so I was kinda pissed since I wasn't allowed to join them So I got superdrunk, had like 4 vodka-redbull pints (3€ for me), took like 4 shots of sambuca and then watched a bit of Guida-Maynard fight in the club. Later met a spanish girl who was the best one night stand I've ever had. I think a better one would be impossible to find. Took her back to the hotel, did her, and she left since she had work tomorrow. Oh Yeah!
I used to be this cool..

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
You ever have a day, where like... absolutely nothing sounds interesting. Don't want to watch TV, don't want to play games, don't want to fish, don't want to sleep, play with birds, don't want to do anything, man.

At the same time, I'm bored as hell. It's
Sounds like a good day to imbibe substances

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