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I only gave Wanderlei round 2. Round 5 Franklin might have been going back but he was still out landing Wandy with his jab and even dropped him at the end.

Round 3 was a 10-8 round for Franklin IMHO. I dont remember if Wandy threw more then 5 punches that round. The first 3 minutes he just stood there not throwing anything. It reminded me off round 3 in Forrest/Tito 2. So i saw Franklin picking Wandy apart and then im not certain i think thats the round he put him in a body lock and took him down and landed some good shots and Elbows. So i have 10-8 to Franklin in round 3 and i need to watch it again but i think 10-8 for Wandy in round 2, depends on how the fight was going before Rich got rocked.

Round 1 - 10-9 Franklin
Round 2 - 10-8 Wandy
Round 3 - 10-8 Franklin
Round 4 - 10-9 Franklin
Round 5 - 10-9 Franklin

Thats how i scored it. I think people might argue with me on how i scored Round 3 but i think if you guys watch it again you will see that Wandy did absolutely nothing that round. It was 90% Franklin and 10% Wandy so if that doesnt mean a 10-8 then that just stinks. You cant be stiff as a board and expect to get a 10-9.

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