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I had a productive day of training today:

It was 92 degrees outside, so I sat in the yard warming up after taking a double-dose of the jack3d, for about 30 minutes.

After I was soaking from the sun, I did 250 1-2 combo in the yard in sets of 50's with a minute of rest between the sets.

My yard is about 30 or 40 yards long so I did sets of 5 and ended up doing 10 of these. With 2 minutes of rest between the sets.

Three 5 minute rounds of leg work around our metal pole in the ground.

5x 100 jab each set 90-seconds of rest between and straight rights. it hurt to keep my hands held in guard posture..

4x5 right roundhouse kicks and 4x 10 right roundhouse kicks with 15 and 20 seconds of rest between the sets.

I drank 2 liters of water through this workout.

I intend to work my kicking game back up slower this time around.

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