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Originally Posted by michelangelo View Post
Those are fun fights for the spectator, but threaten the long term health of the fighters. The first thing Rich stated after the fight was that he couldn't remember 3/5 of the fight. He only recalled his corner telling him it was the start of the fifth round. A surprise to Rich, as he could only recall events up to the end of the 1st.

MMA has a remarkable track record for safe-guarding the welfare of it's fighters, while still providing some of the most dynamic action in all of combat sports. I don't want to see that balance change.
yeah however i am not as much worried about the entertainment to the fans (I couldn't give a sh** less about that when it comes to fighter safety) as much as giving the fighter a chance to comeback and win. Its a balancing act between fighter safety and giving the guy a chance to recover. I must say I don't envy the reff but in this situation I think he made the right call.

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