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ďChael is a criminal, he is a criminal. He has been convicted of crimes and he doesnít deserve to be inside the Octagon. When the time is right, I am going to break his face and every one of his teeth in his mouth. Playtime is over, the jokes are over. I am going to beat his ass out of the UFC. He is never going to want to fight again after I am done with him. It doesnít matter if I am on bottom, side or top. Chael is going to get his ass kicked like never before. What I do inside the Octagon is going to change the image of the sport. I am going to make sure his legs are broke and arms are broke he will not be able to walk out by himself. I know he is listening; no more shit talking, it is on now. Iím going to make him pay and make him eat everything he said about myself and my country. Iím going to make sure he does not disrespect any other fighter. Iím going to beat him like his parents should have beat him to have manners. He can say whatever he wants, but I am not playing anymore. It will be the same like the first fight. He walked out the loser and this time he is going to walk out the loser. The only difference is that this time he is going to have to visit a plastic surgeon after the fight.Ē

For the past couple of years Anderson Silva has taken the high road in regards to his biggest antagonist, Chael Sonnen. However, during todayís UFC 148 media call the Brazilian Champion didnít hold back when the media told him to speak his mind.

UFC 148 takes place on July 7 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and these two fighters will finally rematch in a fight that has been the topic of debate for the better part of two-years.
what's his problem?

Chael responds

ďAll that happened was Anderson found himself in a fight for the first time. His skills are amateur. If you walk into a fight with your fists down, thatís amateur. I treated him like an amateur the first time and Iíll treat him like an amateur this timeÖ The stakes are pretty high on this one. Itís not like Iím trying to score points on the guy, heís trying to do damage to meÖ Iíve got two words for Anderson Silva: medium rare.Ē

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