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I live! Entire miserable week of barely eating and consequential barely having energy. Felt like prolonged food poisoning. Went 212lbs to 202lbs but it's coming back on now.

Tech was far side armbar from side control. One had an intermediatry step of going to the north south kimura, the second spun straight to the arm bar using their nearest leg to pull you around.

Drilled from side control for 4 rounds, then rolled. Strong brazilian blue belt, played guard against him, hip bumped over, got his back when he turtled out of mount, flattenned him out and got under the chin for my first rear naked choke in what feels like years. Next back into my guard, he tried to stack pass me and I fought a triangle in, kept trying to stack and I went to his legs to sweep into mounted triangle, stepped out for mounted armbar. Next was a brown belt that always runs train on me, he ran train on me with 2-3 submissions. I was gassed. That guy is a Gracie, to my ego's credit.

Felt okay today but not 100%, wasn't going to roll today but felt like too much of a ***** waiting for gordo to tell him I'm leaving early. Probably for the best though, and luckily I didn't get another round because I felt like vomitting and almost fainted when we were lining up.

Kyra Gracie was in the house today, no, I didn't get to touch her.

Two weeks left in Rio.
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