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For those of you wondering where that came from its from this thread.
It was a Media Conference call with Dana,Chael,Anderson,Tito,Forrest. It isnt too long and its worth listening to.

Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Gee whiz you can't take my word for it?

Yeah i know where your coming from on that one. I cant stand when people question the validity of an article i posted and want me to proof i didnt make it up. Its kinda like... iv been here for a long time and have never lied or made up a fake article, i certainly wouldnt start now.

Even more if they can basically visit any MMA website and find the same quote. Including one of the most famous ones in MMAWEEKLY.COM

Anyway im pumped to see this fight. I cant wait to see Chael Sonnen smash him and take that belt home with him. Anderson might come back better then ever or he might just quit the sport. I cant even imagine how Anderson would feel if he loses. He has the pressure of a country on his shoulders and after that quote a loss is basically unacceptable. I wouldnt want to be in Anderson Silvas shoes atm.

BTW i think this was a way for Anderson to try and scare Chael. The reason Chael did so well is because he didnt give Anderson any respect when they were in there and he just went for it. If Chael starts worrying about what Anderson is going to do and starts reacting to Anderson instead of the other way around, its going to be a short night for Chael.

Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
I think everyone including chael is shocked at what silva said. Chael is scared, there was no comeback or any fresh new material. The press call thing between Evans and Page, when that got heated it was back and forth no control.

I believe Chael Sonnen did not expect this silva to come out. Now i bet he is regretting his comment. I'm just glad July 7 i'll be on my couch, and not in a cage where the greatest talent we ever seen inside an octagon wants to break my man's teeth,legs,arms,change the sport, and send him home needing plastic surgery.

I read your post before i read who posted it and i thought to myself "I have a feeling when i look to the left im going to see an Anderson Silva avatar" and what a shocker It was written by someone with an Anderson Silva Avatar. You just have to love the predictability when people talk about the fighter in their signature or Avatar. its always nut sack loving to the extreme even if there is nothing to support their statements. Yet it could be the SAME EXACT situation with someone not in their avatar and the response would be Day/Night different.

Truth is i understand it though. I stand by Mike Swick the same way. Its just easier to twist things in your boys favor.

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