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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post

I read your post before i read who posted it and i thought to myself "I have a feeling when i look to the left im going to see an Anderson Silva avatar" and what a shocker It was written by someone with an Anderson Silva Avatar. You just have to love the predictability when people talk about the fighter in their signature or Avatar. its always nut sack loving to the extreme even if there is nothing to support their statements. Yet it could be the SAME EXACT situation with someone not in their avatar and the response would be Day/Night different.

Truth is i understand it though. I stand by Mike Swick the same way. Its just easier to twist things in your boys favor.
Its called tunnel vision, I refuse to listen to logic or anything like that. In my mind only one thing is gonna happen which is the beat down of Chael Sonnen. Had Silva not been my favorite fighter, i would likely see things differently. However being my favorite my opinion will always be bias.

I could use a lot to support my statements,but there is no point. It would be a lot of hearsay to justify my self fulling prophecy to why Silva is gonna beat Sonnen.

But if you remove the fanboy in me, I do see Silva winning this fight. Logically speaking you don't accomplish what he has without being skilled. As good as Chael Sonnen is he is only going to win this fight one way which is a decision. Anderson Silva would be a dumbass not to make the necessary adjustment to prevent what happen in the first fight.
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