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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
So should Floyd Mayweather not be allowed to box because he's a criminal aswell?

No one cares about finishes, the fact that GSP is the top PPV draw in MMA proves this. Anderson finished guys for years and no one gave a damn about him and people still don't give a damn about him outside of Brazil, the only time he ever sold PPV's was when he had BJ Penn or a stacked card attached to his name.
What has Floyd Mayweather got to do with any thing? Floyd Mayweather isn't a cheat or a fraud, like Sonnen. The talent levels between the two ahtletes isn't even remotely comparable either. One will go down as one of the greatest boxers to ever live and be remembered for years and years to come. The other will be forgotten in ten years time.

Erroneous. If you think no one cares about finishes, then you must be watching the wrong sport. Most of the fans care about finishes and understand that finishing a fight is more significant than grinding out a decision.

More ridiculous statements. Do you think about what you post before you type it out? No one cares about Anderson outside of Brazil? What planet are you living on? Do you actually believe the bullshit that comes out of Sonnens mouth? You seem to be brainwashed.

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