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Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
Both are crimes, it's just your interpretation of the law. White collar crimes happen all the time and are serious. If you want to get technical, explain why Folyd got 90 days in jail for beating his girlfriend, Donte Stallworth (nfl player) got 30 days for killing a man with his car while drunk, Mike Vick get 23 months for setting up a dog fighting ring and lying to the judge.

If you were to judge these offense which one would the worst? Probably Donte,then Folyd,Then Vick. However the sentence says otherwise. Chael Sonnen faced up 10 years in prison. Under law that is a serious offence, don't you find it funny you can commit a crime that cause someone harm and receive a lesser sentence than perjury carries?
If you jaywalk you are kind of asking for it. It isn't like he ran up onto the sidwalk or some shit. I would say Floyd, Vick, and then Stallworth since the first two were actively attempting violence against another living being. Even though Stallworth was wrong for drinking and driving it didn't necessarily even cause the incident.
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