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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Firstly, I agree. I would be disappointed if a maggot like Sonnen is the one to dethrone the uber-Jedi demigod funk-master.

Secondly, Chael Sonnen is not boring. I enjoyed his grinding of Marquart, Okami and Silva. The fight against Bisping was a cracking encounter. Plus, he is the victim of arguably the most beautiful submission ever in the UFC.

Thirdly, as much as I love Silva... Chael with the belt will do wonders for the division. I'm half hoping Silva wins and then retires. That'll be a glorious way to end it. Then the belt is up in the air... which is exciting for the MW contenders.
That would be the most shocking thing in MMA if Silva retires out of the blue, he is 37 so it could happen. But i would love to see him whoop Chael`s ass, then retire from MW and call out GSP or Jones. Mainly GSP for a lot of reason, UFC 112,GSP chants during his fights, he doesn`t deserve to fight GSP, and the half a decade of fantasy match up between the two.

If Chael were to lose I would to see him fight that math teacher he has been dissing for years. Rich Franklin looks like he is a legit contender at MW again.
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