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Originally Posted by Voiceless View Post
Yes. I don't get this "scared/intimidated/fearing" talk in the discussions anyways. We're not talking about some kids that get afraid when the schoolyard bully trashtalks them, but elite athletes who have chosen themselves to make fighting their profession. Does anyone really believe that those guys get afraid when their opponent trashtalks them prefight and says that he's going to hurt himż

That could be possible. Silva is not the guy who gets too emotionally involved in his fights. Before his title fight against Franklin, he was sitting aroung quietly reading Harry **** Potter.
Fear is a funny thing. You can be ready for something knowing you have a fighting chance, but even with all that mental toughness and training the survival instinct is still there.

There's no denying that Maia, Leites and Cote WERE afraid in there with Anderson. They fight for a living, but when they got clocked at will and realized he could smash their noses in and humiliate them at any moment he chose, they fell back to flopping on their butts and throwing weak pretend strikes.

There are many instances throughout history of hardened soldiers turning tail and running when they realized the enemy was too strong or powerful for them. Instinct takes over when the mind suddenly realizes it's chances.

IMO Chael is afraid. His fearlessness was just an effect of the monstrous levels of testosterone pumping through him ... he doesn't have that now, only a 6:1 at best which although is higher than usual still won't be enough considering what he's gotten used to. It showed in the Bisping fight, and it will show when he gets murdered come July. And oh will it be a joy to watch.
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