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Tech was more near side armbar options from side control. Trapping their near side on your hip and clamping down your elbow. Your other knee omes up under their arm to a knee-on-chest. Fall back pinching knees and kicking foot narest their head to under the head.

Drilled from side control. Dick of the galaxy black belt was pkaying rough with me as usual and we fought around in my guard and side control. One of my deserate bridge scrambles caught him on the lip with my shin. Oops. A purpe that usually ****s me up ****ed me up again with a loop choke initiated from guard and finished from underneath me. Also caught me in an armbar.

Looked up the symptoms for my numb pinky and ring finfer. It's definitely an "ulnar nerve entrapment". The nerve that is your funny bone is pinched. It's not an emergency but I'm suppossed to see a doctor if it doesn't clear up in a few weeks.
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