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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Anderson has done well over a million buys in his last two Vegas fights combined. That's even better than say, Jon Jones who is probably the third biggest draw right now.

And even with that, his US numbers have never really mattered as much as what he does for the UFC in Brazil. He's pretty big there.
Actually, no he hasn't.

His last two fights in Vegas were against Belfort as part of a stacked UFC card that had Griffin/Franklin and Jones/Bader on it and before that his last fight in Vegas was a free card when he fought James Irvin.

He only sold 500,000 PPV's at UFC 112 along with BJ and Machida/Shogun 2, Liddell/Franklin, Lesnar/Carwin all sold more PPV's and the month before that GSP/Hardy sold more. UFC 97 did well but also had a long awaited bout between Liddell and Shogun on it and UFC 101 also did well but he moved up to Light Heavyweight and BJ was also on the card.

He's huge in Brazil but it's a nationalistic sport over there like Soccer, they'll root for their own to the end. Vitor, Aldo, Shogun, Minotauro, Wanderlei and the countless others are all much bigger over there than any American is over here.

And I don't even have my Sonnen hat on for this one, he's just never been a big seller over here despite his highlight reel which is pretty impressive.

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